Frequently Asked Questions

Coupons won't clip or be removed from your card

I clicked on a coupon and a message popped up saying "Coupon has already been clipped to this card".
This could be from a duplication of a coupon or the fact your cache is making it appear to still be available. Try to refresh the page or clear your Cache.

I clicked on a coupon, a message popped up saying "Sorry, this coupon is no longer available.", then the coupon goes away. Why did it even show up?
Coupons have a maximum clipping capacity. When you first went to the coupon page it was available, but someone else clipped the last coupon before you had a chance.

I clicked on a coupon and a message popped up saying "Failed to add coupon to the card".
If you see this message the coupons may still be processing to be pushed live. Come back soon and it should work fine. If not, try refreshing your browser.

Why do I still see Coupons that I used under "My Coupons".
Most likely, your cache needs to be cleared it still reads that the coupon has not been used yet.

How do I clear my cache?
Please see this helpful link.

Digital Coupons Rules

Do digital coupons double?
Digital coupons do not double.

Can I use the same coupon more than once?
No. Once you have used the coupon you downloaded it will no longer work with an additional savings

Can I use paper coupons as well as digital coupons on the same item?
Coupons are limited to one per item. Digital coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item.

Digital Coupons Guidelines

How do I load coupons to my card?
Click here and sign-in to access the available coupons online. Once you have logged in, all the Digital Coupons available to load to your card will be displayed. Click “Clip” button and the coupon will automatically be loaded to your card.

How can I view the coupons that I have already loaded onto my card?
Click the "My Coupons" tab on the left side of the page after you have signed into your online account to view the coupons that have already been loaded to your card.

Can I sort coupons?
Yes, you can sort coupons by category and brand.

Whats happens when a coupon expires?
Once a coupon has expired, it will be removed from your card automatically. These coupons will no longer be active on your card.

How long does it take until my coupons are active on my card?
In most cases coupons are available as soon as you load the offers to your card. For some coupons, it may take up to 5 minutes.

How will I know if my digital coupons were deducted from my purchases?
Digital offers deductions/discounts will appear on your receipt below the qualifying item(s).

What happens if my discount did not apply when I purchased my product at the store?
If your discount was not applied properly, contact the store for assistance.

How do I know when the coupons expire?
Our digital coupons expire at different times depending on many factors. The coupon expiration date is displayed next to the coupon image on the digital coupons page.

How can I view the coupons that are available for me to load to my Rewards Card?
Simply sign into your online account and navigate to the Browse Coupon page. All the Digital Coupons available to load to your card will be displayed.

Can I load the same coupon onto different Reward Card?
Most offers are available for loading one time per household.

After I sign in, I no longer see all of the same offers as I did before I signed in. Where did they go?
After you sign in, only the offers that are currently available to you (or your household) will be displayed. Any offers that have already been loaded or redeemed will no longer display.

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